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Zatka - Fence Guard

Monex. welcomes you to browse through a range of products from Solar fencing for animal or human intrusions into your property, controlled access for a secure and safe environment.

- Solar Fence Guard-Zatka is security items. Its very useful for farmer to protect their Farms & valuables crops from the wild animal. Name itself suggests that products for security purpose. And also useful in Home, Farm House, Factory for security.

- Solar Fence Guard is very simple to installation, once its install around the farms/wall no one can enter in that Farms or place. In the Day Fence Guard Automatically turns OFF & after sunset its automatically turns ON. (also can keep ON in day as customer requirement).-
- When any animal or person touches the live fence wire they getting impulse types short (Zatka) but its not harmful for them.

- When animal touches the live fence wire one alarm on from fence guard. Solar operated so it easy for installation in remote areas.
- Fence Guard wire Short Alarm System.
- Fence Guard is Govt.Tested No. PHV011641 & HIMP/09/913
- Patent Application No,1797/MUM/2008, COPYRIGHT No,211919

What is a Solar Fence Guard & How does it works?
Any Intruder, domestic or wild animal attempting to trespass receives a painful but safe shock. Solar power fence is not only a psychological barrier as no human or wild/domestic animal having felt the shock once, will attempt to come anywhere near the fence again.The sophisticated, hi-tech guard which powers the fence, emits high voltage pulses every 1.2 seconds. When an animal comes into contact with the fence, an electric impulses passes through its body, causing sudden muscular spasms. The shock experienced is “physically” harmless as it does not cause any physical injury. The instrument are designed to operate on batteries which are charged by mains or a solar panel.
How will you benefit from Solar Fence Guard?
If you are a planter/farmer, your crops are protected from damage by cattle or wild animals. If you are near a forest area with wild animals like Nilgay (Roz) Elephants, Gaur (Bison), Sambar, wild Pig or Deer. Solar Power Fence will effectively stop all wild animals without killing or hurting them. So you need not worry about Forest Department harassing you for the death of wild animals nor will you bothered by long process of claiming small amounts of compensation for wild animals damaging your crop. In case of Forest Department, it will keep the wild animals within the confines of the park, thus reducing man-animal conflict.

Is It Safe?
The voltage pulses emitted every 1.2 seconds last only 300 millionths of second. Hence the shock is completely safe. The fence wires are not live wires carrying continuous current capable of causing damage to human beings and animals. It is important to emphasize that our systems are designed to be safe even under abnormal circumstances. Even in the event of system failure, AC (or live current) will not pass through the line.

Solar Fence Guard

- Reliable and Durable - Very Low Maintenance Standards Confirming to Specification no confirming to BIS 302-2-76 , IS:8437-1977
- Trouble Free Performance - Wide range of Applications - Uses Indigenous Technology - Ideal for Remote areas.
- Meets the parameters of Safety

Types of Fences

Security Fence: This system shall meet the requirements of Customers whose premises/ properties are to be protected against tress-passing / Thefts / Intrusions etc.. Ideal for Residences, Establishments, Godowns, Stadiums etc. Animal Fence: MONEX has specially designed Systems to ward-off wild animals like Elephants, Nilgay (Roz), Bhund, Bears Wild Boars goat etc, to protect villagers residing beside forest

Agriculture Fence: This system shall meet the requirement of customer who wishes to protect his crops from wild animal Nilgay, Bhund, Elephant. The System is suitable for Farms, horticulture.

Method of Wall fencing -2 for Home factory,Godowns

Method of Wall fencing -2 for Home factory,Godowns

- Round the clock Vigilance – 24/7 x 365 days.
- Provides an ACTIVE DETERRENT to the would be intruder.
- Intruder gets a very sharp, short and painful but
non-fatal / safe shock.
- Unauthorized Access to property is denied.
- Zero Downtime - Works on SOLAR POWER.
- Customized design, quality and rugged construction.
- Trouble-free User friendly system, minimal maintenance.
- System reliability ensures virtually NO FALSE ALARMS.
- Is unaffected by sun, wind, rain, snow, sleet, fog,
birds or wild animals.
- Reduces Insurance, security and management costs, cost
effective operation – short pay back.

Solar based charging system MG-24 MG-M
Day -night mode select switch No
Fence wire short/ break alarm system Yes No
External 12v dc light socket Yes No
Automatic on/off in night & day Yes No
Non fatal for any lives Yes Yes
Battery back-up time in hrs. 24 -
Included material -


Battery- 12v 12/14 Ah -
Solar module- 12v 15 Watt -
Extra ac battery charger Yes
Dimension in mm (l x w x h)
Fence guard 285x250x116 285x250x116
Solar module 425 X 345 X 25.5
Fence guard with battery & solar module 12Kg 5Kg.


Unit QTY Unit/Price Amount
1 Solar Fence Guard Nos. 1 13500 13500
2 Pole Cement 7ft Height (1pole in per 8mtr) Nos. 50 125 6250
3 GIWIRE 14SWG (1200mtr for 3 wire fencing Kg. 40 60 2400
4 Insulators- PVC Nos. 100 6 600
5 Labor Charges Per Mtr Rs.5 Mtr 400 5 2000
Total 24750