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High Frequency Online UPS

Features :
- True on-line double conversion technology with advanced microprocessor control
- PWM Technology with IGBTs
- Pure Sine Wave Output
- EMI/RFI Filters at Input and Output
- Active Power Factor Corrector
- Wide Input range
- SMPS Charger
- Soft Start
- Battery / Load Level Indiction
- Self Diagnostic
- Static Bypass Built-in
- Smart RS232 communication interface
- SNMP Slot for Web / Network Monitoring
- Modular Design
- Hot Parallel and Redundant Option

High Frequency Online UPS High Frequency Online UPS
Microprocessor control
By means of innovative software controls, the complicated hardware circuitry is inlaid in the powerful Motorola microprocessor. Apart from reduced size, it also enhance the UPS performance.
Built in Static Bypass
The UPS have built-in static bypass arrangement to provide power to the load even in worst conditions.
RS232 communication port
Connection of Power Management software for power detection and monitoring via RS232 digital communication port enables direct on-screen monitoring of the status of UPS battery, input voltage, output voltage, load percentage etc. to give full status and systematic shut down of OS.
Remote monitoring
The UPS is equipped with an SNMP slot to allow communication among various operating systems and remote monitoring of the UPS.
High input power factor
The PFC circuit design, coupled with the latest lGBT, creates the highly effective uninterruptible power system minimize direct power consumption. Such design conserves energy dramatically.
Self Diagnostics
When the UPS is powered on, it immediately performs an inspection of the components such as the inverter and the battery as well as the load, so as to detect any problem in time to avoid causing any negligence or loss.
Centralized control front panel
The easy-to-read display of the centralized control lets you know at one glance the operation and the load status of UPS as well as the power supply status of the battery etc. In other words, you will be able to monitor the power supply quality of UPS and any change of the application environment at any time.
Alarm Silence
The real-time alarm silencing function eliminates the unnecessary and annoying noises.
Modular Construction
The Internal structure of pcbs make it easy to service if needed
High. quality battery
The selection of Sealed Led-Acid maintenance free battery for built-in battery model.

Benefit -
Servers, Data-Center Critical network devices, Sensitive electronic equipment, Telecom...
The specifications are as mentioned below:
Item Model U1000B/U1000 U2000B/U2000 U3000B/U3000 U6000B/U6000 U10000B/U10000
Capacity VA / Watts 1KVA / 0.7KW 2KVA / 1.4KW 3KVA / 2.1KW 6KVA / 4.2KW 10KVA / 7KW
Input Normal Voltage 220VAC
Voltage range a) (118~300) V AC when Load < 50% 176-276V
b) (140 ~300) V AC when 50% Load < 70%
c) (140 ~300) V AC when Load >70%
Frequency range 40 60Hz(adjustable) 40.5 55Hz
Power factor 0.95 0.97 0.97 > 0.9(full load)
Output Voltage 220VAC+-1% 220VAC+-1%
Frequency 50Hz+-0.5% (Battery mode)
Wave form Pure Sine Wave
Transfer Between AC Mode and Battery Mode 0 ms
Transfer Between AC Mode and Bypass Mode Transfer time: 4ms (typical 2.5ms) <1ms
Distortion (Full Load) Linear load < 3% < 4% < 4% < 3%
Degree of distortion (Full Load) Nonlinear load < 6% < 7% < 7% < 5%
Overload capacity >110% 30s turn to bypass mode; >150%, 200ms turn to bypass 105%~130% 10min, >130% 1min, >150% 200ms
Load peak ratio 3:1 min
Battery Type Maintenance free valve regulated lead acid (VRLA) battery
Battery voltage 36VDC 96VDC 96VDC 240VDC 240VDC
Battery Number (standard type ) 3*12V*7AH 8*12V*7AH 8*12V*7AH 20*12V*7AH 40*12V*7AH
Backup time (Full load) 6Mins 9.5Mins 7.5Mins 8Mins 8Mins
Backup time (Half load) 14Mins 21Mins 17.5Mins 24Mins 20Mins
Recharge Time 90%capacity after 8 hrs charging
Display LED Load level / Battery level / Battery mode / Line mode / Inverter , Bypass ,Over load , Fault
Audible Alarm Battery Mode Beeping every 4 seconds (re-settable) and every second when battery low
Overload Beeping twice every second
Fault Beeping Continuously
Communications RS-232 Interface With monitoring software
SNMP Port Slot Built-in, SNMP Adapter Extra
Working Environment Surge Protection RJ-45 I/O port available for network or Fax/Modem
Working Temperature 0 to 40 Degree Centigrade
Humidity 0-95% non-condensing
Dimension W x D x H (mm) 145*405*220 195*455*330 195*455*330 260*555*710 340*640*980
Weight Net weight (Kg) 13 / 7.5 32 / 15 33 / 16 84 / 37 180 / 75
Gross weight (Kg) 15 / 9.5 34 / 17 35 / 18 107 / 60 210 / 105
Since Development is Continuous Process specifications are subject to change without notice